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Destination Resorts Phuket Karon Beach is a perfect place for a relaxing beach vacation with stunning views and luxurious accommodations. Situated in the vibrant Karon Beach area, it offers a wide range of amenities and activities for guests to enjoy, such as a beautiful swimming pool, spa services, and a fitness center.

The resort’s prime location ensures easy access to the beach, as well as nearby attractions and entertainment options. With its impeccable service and attention to detail, Destination Resorts Phuket Karon Beach guarantees an unforgettable holiday experience.

The Beauty Of Phuket Karon Beach

Karon Beach, located in the mesmerizing island of Phuket, is renowned for its natural beauty and offers an idyllic setting for a tropical getaway. With its crystal-clear turquoise waters, pristine white sandy beaches, and breathtaking scenery, Phuket Karon Beach truly captivates the hearts of travelers from around the world.

Geographical Location

Nestled on the western coast of Phuket Island, Phuket Karon Beach enjoys a prime geographical location. Situated just south of Patong Beach, it offers a slightly more tranquil and laid-back atmosphere compared to its neighboring bustling counterpart. This makes it an ideal destination for those seeking a perfect balance between relaxation and adventure.

Stunning Beaches

Phuket Karon Beach, stretching over three kilometers, boasts one of the most stunning beaches on the island. Soft powdery sand tickling your toes, the gentle sound of waves crashing on the shore, and the warm tropical sun kissing your skin – this is what awaits you upon arrival. Whether you wish to bask in the sun and work on your tan, take a refreshing dip in the azure waters, or indulge in exciting water sports activities, this beach has it all.

Breathtaking Scenery

The picturesque scenery surrounding Phuket Karon Beach is simply awe-inspiring. Imposing palm trees sway in the gentle breeze, imparting a sense of tranquility to the surroundings.

As the day slowly drifts away, the beach offers a front-row seat to one of nature’s most breathtaking spectacles – the magnificent sunset over the Andaman Sea. The vibrant hues of orange, pink, and purple paint the sky, creating a mesmerizing backdrop as you witness the sun dip below the horizon.

Additionally, the lush tropical landscapes, dotted with vibrant flora and fauna, add to the beauty of the area. You can explore nearby viewpoints, such as the Karon Viewpoint, to marvel at panoramic vistas that showcase the pristine beaches and vibrant marine life.

Phuket Karon Beach truly embodies the essence of a tropical paradise, offering visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the natural wonders that make this destination so remarkable. Whether you seek relaxation, adventure, or simply the opportunity to unwind and soak up the beauty of nature, this stunning beach has it all.

Destination Resorts Phuket Karon Beach
Destination Resorts Phuket Karon Beach

Features And Amenities

When it comes to a luxurious and unforgettable vacation experience, Destination Resorts Phuket Karon Beach is the ultimate destination. With a wide range of features and amenities, this resort offers everything you need for a perfect getaway. From luxurious accommodations to world-class restaurants and spa facilities, you’ll be pampered and indulged from the moment you arrive.

Luxurious Accommodations

At Destination Resorts Phuket Karon Beach, you can expect nothing but the finest accommodations. Whether you choose a spacious and elegantly appointed suite or a private villa with stunning ocean views, you’ll find comfort and luxury at every turn.

Each room is designed with your comfort in mind, featuring modern amenities, stylish decor, and plush furnishings. With attention to detail and impeccable service, your stay here will be nothing short of extraordinary.

World-class Restaurants

Indulge your taste buds at the resort’s world-class restaurants, which offer an array of international and local cuisines to satisfy every palate. From fine dining establishments to casual beachfront eateries, the culinary experience at Destination Resorts Phuket Karon Beach is second to none.

Enjoy a romantic dinner under the stars, savor delicious seafood specialties, or sample exotic Thai dishes prepared by talented chefs. With a range of dining options and culinary delights, you’re guaranteed a gastronomic journey like no other.

Spa And Wellness Facilities

For the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation, look no further than the resort’s spa and wellness facilities. Designed to pamper your body and soul, these facilities offer a wide range of treatments and therapies that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Indulge in a soothing massage, experience the healing properties of traditional Thai therapies, or indulge in a skincare treatment tailored to your needs. With tranquil settings and expert therapists, your spa experience at Destination Resorts Phuket Karon Beach will be a truly transformative one.

Activities And Attractions


When it comes to activities and attractions, Destination Resorts Phuket Karon Beach has something for everyone. From exciting water sports and recreational activities to exploring nearby islands and immersing yourself in the rich culture and history of the area, you’ll never be bored during your stay. Let’s take a closer look at what this stunning resort has to offer.

Water Sports And Recreation

At Destination Resorts Phuket Karon Beach, water sports enthusiasts will be in heaven. The crystal-clear waters of the Andaman Sea offer the perfect playground for a variety of exhilarating aquatic adventures. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, the resort has a range of activities to suit all skill levels.

  • Surfing: Catch a wave and experience the thrill of surfing on the beaches of Phuket. With warm water and consistent surf, it’s the perfect spot to catch some waves.
  • Snorkeling: Dive beneath the surface and discover the vibrant marine life that calls the Andaman Sea home. Snorkeling is a wonderful way to explore the underwater world and get up close and personal with tropical fish and colorful coral reefs.
  • Kayaking: Grab a kayak and paddle your way through the calm waters surrounding the resort. Whether you choose to explore the coastline or venture further afield, kayaking allows you to see Phuket from a different perspective.
  • Jet Skiing: Feel the adrenaline rush as you zoom across the waves on a jet ski. It’s a thrilling way to enjoy the water and take in the breathtaking coastal scenery.
  • Sailing: Set sail and feel the wind in your hair as you navigate the Andaman Sea. Whether you’re an experienced sailor or a beginner, there’s no better feeling than gliding across the water.

Exploring Nearby Islands

If you’re looking to venture beyond the shores of Karon Beach, Destination Resorts Phuket offers the perfect gateway to explore the nearby islands. Hop on a boat and set sail for a day of island hopping and discovery.

IslandDistance from ResortAttractions
Ko Phi Phi57 kmA paradise for divers, with stunning coral reefs and marine life
Ko Racha Yai13 kmWhite sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, perfect for snorkeling
Ko Yao Yai33 kmA peaceful island with pristine beaches and lush forests

Cultural And Historical Sites

Phuket is steeped in history and culture, and Destination Resorts Phuket Karon Beach is ideally situated for exploring the area’s rich heritage. From ancient temples to historical landmarks, there’s no shortage of cultural attractions to discover during your stay.

  • Big Buddha: Marvel at the 45-meter-tall Big Buddha, a towering statue that offers panoramic views of the island.
  • Wat Chalong: Explore one of Phuket’s most important Buddhist temples, known for its stunning architecture and sacred relics.
  • Old Phuket Town: Wander through the streets of the old town and admire the charming Sino-Portuguese architecture.
  • Phuket Thai Village: Immerse yourself in the local culture with traditional dance performances, Thai culinary experiences, and more.
  • Phuket Elephant Sanctuary: Visit this ethical elephant sanctuary and learn about the conservation efforts to protect these magnificent creatures.

Tips For Choosing The Best Destination Resort

Choosing the perfect destination resort can make all the difference in your vacation experience. With so many options available, it’s important to do your research and consider various factors before making a decision. In this article, we will provide you with useful tips to help you choose the best destination resort for your next getaway.

Research And Reviews

Before booking a destination resort, it’s essential to do thorough research. Start by reading online reviews from previous guests who have stayed at the resort. Their experiences can give you valuable insights into the quality of accommodation, services, amenities, and overall customer satisfaction.

Look for consistent positive reviews and pay attention to any recurring negative feedback. Furthermore, visit the resort’s website to gather more information about their facilities, dining options, and activities.

Location And Accessibility

The location of the resort plays a vital role in your vacation experience. Consider whether you prefer a beachfront resort or one nestled in the heart of the city. Think about the nearby attractions and activities that interest you the most. Additionally, check the accessibility of the resort.

Is it easy to reach from the airport or other major transportation hubs? Are there convenient transportation options available to explore the surrounding area? These factors will ensure that you can make the most of your time and easily explore the destination.

Budget And Value For Money

Your budget is an important consideration when choosing a destination resort. Determine your spending limit and explore resorts that fit your budget range. However, keep in mind that affordability should not compromise the quality of your vacation. Assess the value for money offered by the resort. Are the amenities and services provided worth the price you are paying?

Look for special deals or packages that can further enhance your stay, such as complimentary breakfast, spa treatments, or airport transfers. Comparing prices and packages will help you find a resort that provides excellent value for your money.

In conclusion, choosing the best destination resort requires careful consideration. Conduct thorough research, read reviews, assess the location and accessibility, and evaluate the budget and value for money. By following these tips, you can ensure that your stay at Destination Resorts Phuket Karon Beach, or any other resort you choose, will be a memorable and enjoyable one.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Destination Resorts Phuket Karon Beach

How Far Is Karon Beach From Phuket City?

Karon Beach is located about 20 kilometers southwest of Phuket city, making it a convenient and easily accessible destination for tourists.

What Activities Are Available At Destination Resorts Phuket Karon Beach?

At Destination Resorts Phuket Karon Beach, you can enjoy a wide range of activities including swimming, snorkeling, spa treatments, beach volleyball, and exploring nearby attractions.

Are There Family-friendly Facilities At Destination Resorts Phuket Karon Beach?

Yes, our resort offers various family-friendly facilities such as a kids’ club, children’s pool, and playground to ensure a memorable and enjoyable experience for the whole family.

What Dining Options Are Available At Destination Resorts Phuket Karon Beach?

Our resort features multiple dining options, including restaurants serving international cuisine, beachfront dining with stunning views, and casual cafes for a more relaxed dining experience.


Destination Resorts Phuket Karon Beach provides an ideal escape for travelers seeking a tranquil and luxurious getaway. With its stunning beachfront location, ample amenities, and top-notch service, this resort offers a truly unforgettable experience. Whether you’re looking to relax by the pool, indulge in delectable cuisine, or explore the vibrant nearby attractions, this destination resort has it all.

Book your stay at Destination Resorts Phuket Karon Beach and embark on a journey of relaxation and rejuvenation.

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