Best Place to Stay in Mykonos for Families – Best Guide!

Best Place to Stay in Mykonos for Families

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Ornos is the best place to stay in Mykonos with your family, offering great beaches and easy access to Mykonos Town. This stunning Greek island is known for its beautiful beaches, picturesque villages, and vibrant nightlife.

With numerous family-friendly hotels and resorts, including Ornos Beach, Psarou Beach, and Agios Ioannis Beach, Mykonos is suitable for children and provides calm waters and a pleasant environment. It is recommended to spend at least five days in Mykonos to fully experience and enjoy the island with kids.

Whether you’re looking for luxury stays or budget-friendly accommodations, Mykonos offers a variety of options for families seeking a memorable vacation.

Best Place to Stay in Mykonos for Families

Family-friendly Resorts And Hotels In Mykonos

Discover the best family-friendly resorts and hotels in Mykonos, the perfect destination for a memorable family vacation. Enjoy beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, and picturesque villages while staying at one of the recommended accommodations for families. Whether you choose Ornos, Psarou, or Agios Ioannis Beach, you’ll find calm waters and a pleasant environment for your children to have a great time.

Luxury Resorts With Dedicated Kids’ Clubs And Play Areas

When it comes to finding the best place to stay in Mykonos for families, luxury resorts with dedicated kids’ clubs and play areas are an excellent choice. These resorts offer a wide range of amenities and activities specifically designed to keep children entertained and engaged.

Some of the best luxury resorts in Mykonos that cater to families include:

  • Resort A: This luxurious resort features a dedicated kids’ club with supervised activities, a play area with age-appropriate equipment, and a swimming pool for children.
  • Resort B: With a dedicated kids’ club, this resort offers a variety of activities such as arts and crafts, movie nights, and outdoor games. The play area is equipped with slides, swings, and climbing frames.
  • Resort C: This family-friendly resort boasts a kids’ club with a range of age-appropriate activities and a play area with interactive games and toys.

These luxury resorts not only provide top-notch accommodations and facilities for families but also ensure that children have a memorable and enjoyable stay.

Beachfront Hotels Offering Water Sports And Activities For Children

For families who love the beach and enjoy water sports, beachfront hotels in Mykonos are an ideal choice. These hotels offer easy access to the beach as well as a range of water activities suitable for children.

Here are a few beachfront hotels in Mykonos that provide water sports and activities for children:

  • Hotel A: This beachfront hotel offers a variety of water sports such as paddleboarding, kayaking, and snorkeling. They also have a designated area with water slides and inflatable toys for children.
  • Hotel B: With direct beach access, this hotel provides various water activities including jet skiing, banana boat rides, and windsurfing. Kids can also enjoy building sandcastles and playing beach games.
  • Hotel C: This family-friendly hotel offers organized beach activities for children such as beach volleyball, mini-soccer, and treasure hunts. They also provide beach equipment such as buckets, spades, and beach toys.

These beachfront hotels ensure that families have a fantastic time enjoying the sun, sand, and sea while providing a safe and fun environment for children.

Family-oriented Neighborhoods In Mykonos

Discover the best family-oriented neighborhoods in Mykonos, known for their stunning beaches, charming villages, and bustling nightlife. Enjoy a memorable stay at kid-friendly resorts and hotels, such as Ornos, offering convenient access to Mykonos Town and a plethora of family-friendly amenities.

Explore the beauty of this Greek island with your loved ones and create unforgettable memories.

Overview Of Family-friendly Neighborhoods In Mykonos

When it comes to finding the best place to stay in Mykonos for families, it’s important to consider the family-oriented neighborhoods that offer a perfect blend of convenience and entertainment for both parents and children. Mykonos is known for its stunning beaches, picturesque villages, and vibrant nightlife, making it an ideal destination for families looking for an unforgettable vacation.

Neighborhoods With Easy Access To Beaches And Family Attractions

In Mykonos, there are several neighborhoods that offer easy access to beaches and family attractions, ensuring that you and your loved ones have a memorable time. Ornos Beach is one such neighborhood that stands out as the best place to stay for families. With its crystal-clear waters and beautiful sandy beach, Ornos provides the perfect setting for children to play and create lasting memories.

Moreover, Ornos offers easy access to Mykonos Town, allowing families to explore the vibrant culture and enjoy the local cuisine. Another family-friendly neighborhood in Mykonos is Psarou Beach. Known for its upscale beach clubs and luxurious resorts, Psarou Beach caters to families seeking a bit of pampering and relaxation. The calm waters here make it safe for children to swim, while parents can indulge in some well-deserved rest and rejuvenation. Additionally, Psarou Beach is conveniently located near popular family attractions, making it an ideal choice for families with young children.

Local Amenities And Services Available In Family-oriented Neighborhoods

When it comes to amenities and services, family-oriented neighborhoods in Mykonos ensure that parents and children have everything they need for a comfortable and enjoyable stay. These neighborhoods offer a range of accommodations, including family-friendly hotels, suites, and apartments, providing ample space and amenities tailored to the needs of families. In addition to accommodations, these neighborhoods boast a variety of local amenities and services, such as kid-friendly restaurants, playgrounds, and shops selling essential supplies for children.

These amenities ensure that families have easy access to everything they need without having to venture too far from their accommodations. To summarize, when it comes to finding the best place to stay in Mykonos for families, neighborhoods like Ornos and Psarou Beach offer a perfect combination of easy beach access and family-friendly attractions. These neighborhoods provide a range of accommodations and local amenities to cater to the needs of families, ensuring that your vacation is stress-free and enjoyable. So, pack your bags and get ready to create unforgettable memories with your loved ones in the family-oriented neighborhoods of Mykonos.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Accommodation

When planning a family trip to Mykonos, choosing the right accommodation is essential. It sets the tone for a memorable and enjoyable vacation. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting a place to stay:

Location Proximity To Family-friendly Activities And Attractions

The location of your accommodation plays a crucial role in ensuring a convenient and hassle-free vacation. Look for a place to stay that is close to family-friendly activities and attractions. This way, you can easily explore the beautiful beaches, picturesque villages, and vibrant nightlife that Mykonos has to offer.

Some popular areas to stay in Mykonos for families include Mykonos Town, Ornos Beach, and Platis Gialos Beach. These areas provide easy access to various family-friendly activities such as watersports, boat tours, and cultural sites.

Amenities Suitable For Families With Children

Another important factor to consider is the availability of amenities suitable for families with children. Look for accommodation that offers amenities such as:

  • Family-sized rooms or suites
  • Swimming pools with dedicated children’s areas
  • Playgrounds or kids’ clubs
  • On-site restaurants with kid-friendly menus

These amenities help ensure that your children are entertained and well-catered during your stay in Mykonos.

Room Options That Can Accommodate Families Of Different Sizes

It’s crucial to find accommodation that can comfortably accommodate your family’s size. Look for places that offer a variety of room options, such as:

Room TypeCapacity
Standard Room2 adults + 1 child
Suite2 adults + 2 children
Family Villa4 adults + 2 children

Having a range of room options ensures that every family member has enough space and comfort during their stay.

Safety Measures And Security Features In The Accommodation

When traveling with your family, safety is a top priority. Look for accommodation that prioritizes safety and has security features in place. Some important safety measures to consider include:

  • 24-hour security staff
  • Secure entrances and exits
  • Room safes for valuables
  • Well-lit common areas
  • Childproofing options upon request

Ensuring the safety of your family during your stay provides peace of mind and allows everyone to relax and enjoy their time in Mykonos.

All-inclusive Resorts With Multiple Dining Options And Entertainment For Families

If you’re looking for convenience and plenty of entertainment options for your family, all-inclusive resorts in Mykonos are a great choice. These resorts offer a wide range of dining options and entertainment facilities to cater to the needs and preferences of every family member.

  • Resort A: This all-inclusive resort features multiple on-site restaurants serving various cuisines, including kid-friendly menus. They also organize nightly entertainment such as live music performances and family-friendly shows.
  • Resort B: With a buffet-style dining option and a la carte restaurants, this all-inclusive resort ensures that families have plenty of choices when it comes to meals. They also offer kids’ clubs and organized activities for children of all ages.
  • Resort C: This family-friendly all-inclusive resort has multiple dining venues, including a dedicated children’s restaurant. They also provide evening entertainment suitable for the whole family, such as magic shows and themed parties.

These all-inclusive resorts in Mykonos take care of all your family’s dining and entertainment needs, allowing you to relax and enjoy a hassle-free vacation.

Villa Rentals For Families In Mykonos

If you’re planning a family vacation in Mykonos, villa rentals are a fantastic option for accommodation. Renting a villa provides plenty of space and privacy for your family to relax and enjoy their time together. Plus, there are a plethora of benefits and features to consider when choosing a family-friendly villa in Mykonos.

Benefits Of Renting A Villa For A Family Vacation

Renting a villa for your family vacation in Mykonos offers numerous advantages that hotels and resorts may not provide. Here are a few key benefits:

  1. Privacy: Villas offer complete privacy for your family, ensuring a peaceful and undisturbed stay.
  2. Space: Unlike hotel rooms, villas provide ample space for the whole family to spread out and enjoy their vacation comfortably.
  3. Flexibility: With a villa rental, you have the freedom to create your own schedule, cook meals, and relax at your own pace.
  4. Cost-effective: Splitting the cost of a villa among family members can be more budget-friendly than booking multiple hotel rooms.
  5. Family Bonding: Villas offer a home-like atmosphere, fostering quality family time and creating lasting memories.

Features And Facilities To Look For In A Family-friendly Villa

When searching for a family-friendly villa rental in Mykonos, keep an eye out for the following features and facilities:

1. Bedroom Configuration:Look for villas with multiple bedrooms and ensuite bathrooms to accommodate everyone comfortably.
2. Outdoor Space:Consider villas with spacious outdoor areas, such as gardens, terraces, or balconies, where children can play and adults can relax.
3. Swimming Pool:A private swimming pool provides endless entertainment for the whole family.
4. Child-Friendly Amenities:Look for villas that offer amenities like cribs, high chairs, baby gates, and play areas to cater to your children’s needs.
5. Fully Equipped Kitchen:A well-equipped kitchen allows you to prepare meals and snacks for your family, saving money on dining out.
6. Entertainment Options:Consider villas with amenities like game rooms, home theaters, or access to outdoor sports facilities to keep everyone entertained.

Recommended Villa Rental Companies In Mykonos For Families

When it comes to finding reliable villa rental companies in Mykonos that cater to families, here are a few trusted options:

  • Zephyrus Luxury Villas: Zephyrus offers a wide range of luxurious villas with family-friendly amenities and attentive service.
  • BlueVillas: BlueVillas specializes in luxury villas, including many family-friendly options in Mykonos.
  • Mykonos Exclusive: Mykonos Exclusive offers a selection of handpicked villas that are perfect for families seeking comfort and convenience.

These villa rental companies have a solid reputation and provide exceptional accommodations for families, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable stay in Mykonos.

Activities And Attractions For Families In Mykonos

When it comes to planning a family vacation, finding activities and attractions that are suitable for all ages can be a challenge. However, in Mykonos, you’ll find a wide range of options that cater to families with children.

Kid-friendly Beach Activities, Such As Snorkeling And Sandcastle Building

One of the best ways to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Mykonos with your family is by engaging in various kid-friendly beach activities. Snorkeling is a popular choice, as the clear waters of the Aegean Sea allow children to explore the underwater world and discover colorful marine life. And what’s a beach vacation without building sandcastles? Let your little ones unleash their creativity as they construct elaborate sand structures that will provide hours of entertainment.

Water Parks And Amusement Centers Suitable For Children

If you’re looking for a fun-filled day of excitement and adrenaline, Mykonos has several water parks and amusement centers that are perfect for children. These parks offer a wide range of thrilling water slides, splash pools, and water-based activities that guarantee endless hours of laughter and enjoyment. Let your kids cool off from the summer heat while experiencing the excitement and joy that these attractions bring.

Cultural And Historical Sites That Appeal To Families

Mykonos is not just about stunning beaches and vibrant nightlife – it also has a rich cultural and historical heritage that appeals to families. Take your children on a journey back in time by exploring the island’s ancient ruins, archaeological sites, and museums. Delve into the fascinating history of Mykonos and learn about the ancient civilizations that once thrived here. The archaeological site of Delos, a short boat ride away, is especially popular among families, with its well-preserved ruins and informative guided tours.

Additionally, Mykonos Town, with its charming narrow streets and iconic windmills, offers a unique cultural experience. Take a leisurely stroll through the town’s labyrinthine alleys, stopping by quaint shops and local restaurants. Immerse yourself and your family in the traditional Greek atmosphere, filled with friendly locals and authentic cuisine.

By focusing on these activities and attractions, you can ensure that your family’s vacation in Mykonos is both enjoyable and memorable. From snorkeling and sandcastle building on the beautiful beaches to exploring cultural and historical sites, there is something for everyone on this enchanting Greek island.

Dining Options For Families In Mykonos

Discover the best place to stay in Mykonos for families, with options including beach resorts and hotels. Enjoy beautiful beaches, easy access to Mykonos Town, and a range of family-friendly amenities. Choose from recommended family hotels and make the most of your family vacation on this stunning Greek island.

Family-friendly Restaurants Offering A Variety Of Cuisines

When it comes to dining options in Mykonos, families can look forward to a wide selection of family-friendly restaurants that offer a variety of cuisines. From traditional Greek dishes to international flavors, there is something to cater to everyone’s taste buds. Here are a few recommendations for family-friendly restaurants in Mykonos:

  • Avra Restaurant: Located in the heart of Mykonos Town, Avra Restaurant offers a welcoming atmosphere and a diverse menu featuring Greek and Mediterranean dishes.
  • Kiki’s Tavern: Situated on Agios Sostis Beach, Kiki’s Tavern is a hidden gem known for its delicious grilled meats and seafood. This rustic restaurant provides a laid-back setting perfect for families.
  • Interni Restaurant: Interni is a popular spot located in Mykonos Town, offering a chic ambiance and a fusion of Greek and international cuisine. Families can enjoy a range of dishes from sushi to pasta.

Restaurants With Kids’ Menus And Facilities, Such As High Chairs And Play Areas

Finding restaurants with kids’ menus and facilities in Mykonos is a breeze. Many establishments understand the needs of families and provide amenities such as high chairs and play areas. Here are a few examples of family-friendly restaurants that cater to children:

RestaurantKids’ MenuFacilities
Jackie O’ Beach ClubYesHigh chairs, play area
NammosYesHigh chairs, playground
Pelican Bay RestaurantYesHigh chairs, coloring sheets

Tips For Finding Child-friendly Dining Options In Mykonos

  1. Do some research: Before your trip, explore online resources and read reviews to find restaurants that prioritize family-friendly dining experiences.
  2. Look for kids’ menus: Seek out restaurants that offer dedicated kids’ menus with options that cater to younger palates.
  3. Check for facilities: When choosing a restaurant, look for amenities such as high chairs, play areas, or outdoor spaces where children can roam.
  4. Ask for recommendations: Consult with locals or fellow travelers to get insider tips on the best child-friendly dining options in Mykonos.
  5. Be flexible with dining times: To avoid crowded restaurants, consider dining at slightly off-peak hours to ensure a more relaxed experience for your family.

Sample Family Itinerary In Mykonos

Looking for the best place to stay in Mykonos for families? Consider Ornos, with its great beaches and easy access to Mykonos Town. Check out the best family hotels in Mykonos for a comfortable and enjoyable stay for you and your loved ones.

Day 1: Exploring Family-friendly Beaches And Water Sports

On your first day in Mykonos, start by heading to one of the family-friendly beaches in the area. Ornos Beach, Psarou Beach, and Agios Ioannis Beach are all great options for families as they offer calm waters and a pleasant environment for children to enjoy. Spend your day building sandcastles, swimming, and playing beach games together.

If your family enjoys water sports, there are several options available. You can try snorkeling, paddleboarding, or even take a family-friendly boat ride. Many beach resorts in Mykonos offer water sports activities suitable for all ages.

Day 2: Visiting Cultural And Historical Sites

Take the opportunity to introduce your children to the rich history and culture of Mykonos. Start your day by visiting the famous windmills in Mykonos Town. These iconic landmarks offer a great photo opportunity and a chance to learn about the island’s traditional industries.

Afterward, explore the narrow streets of Mykonos Town to discover charming shops, local boutiques, and art galleries. Visit the Archaeological Museum of Mykonos to see ancient artifacts and learn about the island’s history.

In the afternoon, you can visit the Panagia Paraportiani, a stunning whitewashed church that is an iconic symbol of Mykonos. End the day by watching a beautiful sunset from one of the seaside cafes or restaurants in Little Venice.

Day 3: Enjoying A Family Boat Tour Or Excursion

Today, embark on a family boat tour or excursion to explore the crystal-clear waters surrounding Mykonos. There are various options available, such as a trip to the nearby island of Delos, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its archaeological ruins.

You can also choose to hire a private boat and explore the hidden beaches and coves of Mykonos. Discover secluded spots, snorkel in the turquoise waters, and create unforgettable family memories.

Alternatively, you can opt for a sailing adventure or a fishing excursion to experience the beauty of the Aegean Sea together as a family.

Day 4: Relaxing At The Hotel Or Villa And Enjoying Onsite Amenities

Spend your last day in Mykonos unwinding and enjoying the amenities of your hotel or villa. Many family-friendly accommodations in Mykonos offer swimming pools, kids’ clubs, and fun activities for children of all ages. Take advantage of these facilities and spend quality time together as a family.

Indulge in a leisurely breakfast, soak up the sun by the pool, or enjoy some spa treatments to relax and rejuvenate. Make the most of your final day in Mykonos before bidding farewell to this beautiful island.

Tips For A Successful Family Vacation In Mykonos

Tips for a Successful Family Vacation in Mykonos

Packing Essentials For A Family Vacation In Mykonos

When it comes to packing for a family vacation in Mykonos, it’s important to bring along the essentials to ensure a comfortable stay. Here are a few items you should consider packing:

  • Sunscreen: With the abundant sunshine in Mykonos, protecting your family’s skin is crucial. Make sure to pack plenty of sunscreen with a high SPF, especially for the little ones.
  • Bathing suits: Mykonos is known for its beautiful beaches, so don’t forget to pack your family’s bathing suits. You’ll want to spend plenty of time splashing in the crystal-clear waters.
  • Comfortable footwear: Mykonos is a charming island filled with picturesque villages and cobbled streets. Pack comfortable shoes for the whole family to explore the island’s charming streets.
  • Appropriate clothing: While Mykonos has a relaxed vibe, it’s important to dress appropriately when visiting churches and other religious sites. Pack some modest clothing options for these occasions.

Safety Precautions To Consider When Traveling With Children

Traveling with children requires some extra safety precautions. Here are a few tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable family vacation in Mykonos:

  • Keep an eye on your children at all times: Mykonos can get crowded, especially in popular tourist areas. Make sure to keep a close eye on your children and establish meeting points in case you get separated.
  • Water safety: Mykonos has beautiful beaches, but it’s important to prioritize water safety. Always supervise your children closely when they are near the water and consider bringing floatation devices if needed.
  • Stay hydrated: The Mediterranean climate can be hot, so make sure your family stays hydrated throughout the day. Keep a reusable water bottle with you and encourage everyone to drink plenty of fluids.
  • Secure your accommodations: Book family-friendly accommodations that are equipped with safety measures such as pool fences, childproof locks, and secure balconies.

Communication And Emergency Contact Information For Families In Mykonos

It’s important to be prepared and have the necessary contact information in case of an emergency while on your family vacation in Mykonos. Here’s what you should have:

Emergency NumbersContact Information
Medical Emergency112
Tourist Police171

In addition to these emergency numbers, make sure to have the contact information for your accommodations and any local tour operators or car rental agencies you may be using during your stay. It’s always better to be prepared in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

Now that you know the essential tips for a successful family vacation in Mykonos, you can plan your trip with confidence. Follow these guidelines, pack accordingly, prioritize safety, and have a memorable time exploring the stunning Greek island with your loved ones.


To make the most of your family vacation in Mykonos, choosing the right place to stay is crucial. One standout option is Ornos, offering excellent beaches and easy access to Mykonos Town. Additionally, there are plenty of family-friendly hotels and resorts, ensuring a comfortable stay for you and your loved ones.

With its stunning beaches, charming villages, and lively atmosphere, Mykonos is the perfect destination for an unforgettable family getaway. So, pack your bags and get ready to create lifelong memories on this beautiful Greek island.

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Frequently Asked Questions For Best Place To Stay In Mykonos For Families

What Part Of Mykonos Is Best For Families?

The best part of Mykonos for families is Agios Ioannis, with its calm beaches and family-friendly resorts.

Is Mykonos Greece Good For Families?

Mykonos Greece is a great destination for families, offering something exciting for everyone.

Is It Better To Stay In Mykonos Or Santorini?

Both Mykonos and Santorini have their own unique charm, making it hard to choose one.

How Many Days Are Enough For Mykonos?

A minimum of 3 to 5 days is sufficient to explore Mykonos and enjoy its attractions.

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